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VNIPA has been recognized a patent prosecution law firm in Vietnam. Our teams work though filing and prosecution of patent applications for inventions and utility solutions in various fields including mechanics, chemistry, electricity/electronics, physics and biotech, etc. We represent patent applicants/proprietors/inventors at any stage from acquisition to protection of patent rights.

Our services include:

– Conducting patent searches;

– Conducting free-to-operate search;

– Giving opinion on patent validity;

– Giving opinion on patent infringement;

– Filing and prosecution of patent applications;

– Submitting patent oppositions, appeals and invalidation;

– Maintaining validity of patents;

– Recording of amendments/assignment/license agreements and changes related to patent;

– Supporting in proceedings against patent infringement.


VNIPA has experienced in servicing a many trademark owners including domestic and foreign ones. We assists clients in establishing, maintaining, and enforcing trademark rights as well as handling trademark infringement and unfair competition.

We provide the following services:

– Conducting trademark searches on the registrability and use of trademarks;

– Giving opinion on the registrability and use of trademarks;

– Providing advice and representing clients in filling applications for trademarks under The Madrid Agreement;

– Filing applications for the registration of trademarks with NOIP of Vietnam and aboard such as ASEAN countries, China, etc;

– Proceeding with recordals of ownership assignments and/or amendments related to pending trademark applications, Certificates of trademark registration;

– Renewals;

– Oppositions, appeals and cancellations.

Industrial desgin

VNIPA helps you to enforce, exploit and obtain the widest protection possible for the design of your products. Our design team enjoys a reputation of quality and responsiveness. We provide clients comprehensive guidance as well as strategic counselling in order to achieve the most effective protection for their industrial designs.

Our services include:

– Conducting searches on the registrability and use of industrial design;

– Filing and prosecution of industrial design applications;

– Recordal of change of name and/or address;

– Representation in dealing with industrial design infringement;

– Renewal of patent for industrial design;

– Recordal of assignment/license agreements relating to industrial design;

– Representation in opposition, cancellation and invalidation proceedings.


VNIPA works with clients to ensure client’s copyrights and related rights are well protected and defended in all copyright works including literary, artistic, scientific works as well as computer-related software technologies.

Our services include:

– Conducting copyright searches;

– Advising and proceeding with the registration of copyrights;

– Negotiating and drafting copyright and/or related right license agreements;

– Appealing against decisions on the granting or refusal of granting a certificate of registration of copyright;

– Giving opinion on information technology law, such as copyright protection of computer software, or works distributed through the Internet.

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