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IP Protection

IP protection is fundamental for most businesses, and is a tool for creativity and innovation. By protecting your IP, you may gain a competitive advantage in the market place, enabling you to profit and grow your business.

IP management

Consider how your IP is managed both internally and externally and what practices and procedures you have in place for doing this.

IP commercialisation

Commercialising intellectual property is about getting your products or services into the market. Your commercialisation strategy depends on many variables which include your individual circumstances, business capabilities, competitive environment and access to finance.


Whether you wish to seize today’s opportunity or see your business in far future, making decision to do business in Vietnam, you expose yourself to a real challenge.

For ones there is huge gap in culture and business standards stemming from huge development gap, for others there is much-wished-to-be-bettered legal environment, and for everyone all problems come together. You have many choices in overcoming the problems.

Today you are considering a choice – our boutique.

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Our mission

Being aware of the fast ongoing globalization, one of our steady endeavors is to cope ourselves to the standards of international legal services. To this goal, we not only participate in various regional and international professional associations, but also steadily pay attention to ensuring the highest quality of service. In addressing our service, our clients will be assured of a competent, in-depth and accurate counseling combined with individual and personal support.

Our objective

Our objective is to provide excellence of service by developing imaginative solutions to complex problems in order to meet our clients’ needs. We solve our assignments as a team, overlapping specialism. This enables advice to be given in an integrated and multi-disciplinary manner through the close cooperation of attorneys at law, patent attorneys and business consultants.

Our people

With most of our attorneys and consultants graduated and qualified internationally we always demand the highest quality standards from ourselves, so it is our clients’ right to expect the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Our objective to maintain this standard of quality is reflected not only in the choice of our partners and professional staff, but also in their further training. Our many connections to universities, colleges and professional associations assist us in pursuing this objective. Not only are our staff and associates intelligent and knowledgeable, they also are the idolaters of strictest professional standards.

Our slogan

In assisting you with consulting service we have nothing to offer but a practical and imaginative approach, a positive and constructive attitude, and a professional performance by the most intelligent people. This constitutes our philosophy of service: Work toward exploring limitless.

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All of provided information must be honestly reported to clients.

Provide clients with expert and professional advice to ensure the most complete and effective outcomes.

All tasks which might affect the legal status will only be performed after being notified to and accepted by clients.

Commits to cooperation with clients to fully and timely perform the tasks in accordance with the legal procedures.

Upholds the obligations to keep confidential and will not disclose to anyone for any reason the information and documents.


Fixed in One-Stop-Package Price and never charge the hidden costs.



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